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Welcome to Chiropractic Healthcare


Chiropractic Healthcare offers comfortable, effective pain relief, and it is our goal to get you feeling and functioning your best as soon as possible.  Our entire office is determined to provide the very best overall patient care experience.  


We have extensive experience treating various symptoms, such as:


back pain -  neck painintervertebral disc degeneration

disc protrusion, herniationsciaticaplantar fasciitis

TMJ disorderheadachecarpal tunnel syndrome

tarsal tunnel syndromepiriformis syndrome

tennis elbow/golfer's elbowtorticollis

shoulder, wrist and knee pain


We also treat sports injuries, sprains/strains, auto accidents, whiplash,  and work related injuries. 

Our doctors are in network with:

Highmark Blue Cross Shield | UPMC | Medicare | Aetna | Cigna | United Healthcare | Apostrophe

...and many others

 We also have reasonable cash rates.